Welcome to your Hudson Homes Move-In Guide. Please find the next steps for your move-in below. Please note: You must pay ALL MOVE-IN CHARGES before your day of move-in, or your move-in will be delayed or canceled.


  • If you are ready to move in, you have already been contacted by a Move-In Coordinator. If you have not been contacted by a Move-In Coordinator, you are not ready for this step of the process.
  • You should have received an email from your Move-In Coordinator. If you cannot find this email, you may reach out to the Move-In Department by dialing 877-565-4669 and following the prompts, or by choosing your state's inbox from the list below.


  1. Please let us know if there are any major condition issues within the home, so we can work to resolve them in a timely manner. If you have identified major condition issues and have already communicated these to the move-in team, please know that we will work to resolve these items no later than two weeks after your move-in date.
    • Please note: Major condition issues are items that affect the structure or functionality of a home. Some items are considered “cosmetic” rather than major. Cosmetic items are generally surface upgrades that address the visual appearance of the property (such as paint color and/or quality). Requests for cosmetic changes may not be approved or completed.
    • Please review your Resident Responsibilities for additional details.
  2. Move-in charges will not be posted to your account until the day of your scheduled move-in. Payments can still be made any time prior to your move-in day and any payment made will be credited towards your move-in charges. Please note, move-in charges MUST BE PAID IN FULL ON THE MORNING OF YOUR MOVE-IN TO RECEIVE POSSESSION OF YOUR HOME.
    • Log in to your Resident Portal
      • CLICK HERE to log in and view or pay your charges, or navigate to this page by navigating to the "Resident" section of this website on the navigation bar, and choosing "Resident Portal and Maintenance Requests" from the dropdown.
      • Please watch this helpful video on How to Log In to Your Resident Portal 
    • Review Your Move-In Details.
      • Your move-in details (move-in date and move-in charges) are included in the email you received from your Move-In Coordinator and in your Resident Portal.
    • Pay your Move-In Charges
      • Once you've logged in to your portal, click the "Make a Payment" button
      • Click "Make a One-Time Payment" to view and pay your move-in charges
      • Your move-in charges are due by 10:00 am Central Standard Time on your date of Move-In. Failure to pay move-in charges before 10:00 am on your move-in day will cause your move-in to be delayed/you may not be able to access the home. Once the required move-in funds have been confirmed paid, you will receive access instructions via email on your day of move-in. All move-in charges that aren't "pre-paid" will receive a balance due email requesting payment to be paid in full before move-in instructions are given.
  3. Provide proof of Renter’s Insurance
    • You are required to provide proof of Renter’s Insurance with minimum liability coverage of at least $100,000, a minimum of 24 hours prior to your move-in date.
    • Please watch this helpful video on Renters Insurance Requirements and How to Upload your Proof of Coverage
    • “Hudson Homes Management ” shall be named as an additional insured/interested party on your renter’s insurance policy. Please see your lease agreement for details.
      • Interested Party Address:
      • Hudson Homes Management 
      • PO BOX 3687
      • Coppell, TX 75019
    • We recommend you visit our preferred vendor www.ResidentShield.com for a quote and to obtain coverage. To enroll in the ResidentShield plan, feel free to visit the website above or contact the ResidentShield customer service team at 1-800-566-1186. Coverage can begin with ResidentShield immediately, and our office will receive automatic notification of your online policy purchase.
    • If you have any difficulties uploading, please use the contacts listed above to email us and attach your document. 
  4. If you haven’t already provided, email us your REQUIRED Pet/Service Animal documentation.
    • All Pets/Animals are subject to Property Management approval, and breed restrictions apply. For a list of restricted breeds, visit Application Requirements.
    • PET PHOTO REQUIRED: Applicants must provide pet photo and breed information.
    • ESA PHOTO & DOCUMENT REQUIRED: Applicants must provide ESA photo and a doctor's letter dated within the past 12 months to support the necessity of the support animal.
    • SERVICE ANIMAL DOCUMENT REQUIRED: Applicants must download and fill out the Hudson Homes Reasonable Accommodation Request Form.
    • Please email any required Pet/Animal documents to your Move-In Coordinator.
  5. Please note, you DO NOT need to transfer utilities into your name, unless your property is in Deleware (DE), Massachusetts (MA), or North Carolina (NC). As outlined in the lease agreement utility addendum, the utilities will remain in the landlord’s name and be billed to you monthly based on actual monthly usage. Hudson Homes will pay the utility providers directly, then submit an invoice to you monthly via your Resident Portal for the previous month’s utility charges. Your utility invoice will also be available for printing. Please allow 30 to 60 days to receive your first utility invoice.
    • For Delaware (DE), Massachusetts (MA), or North Carolina (NC), please see below and contact your Property Manager with any questions. Please activate the utilities you are required to provide and set them to begin no later than your move-in date to avoid disconnection of serivce. 
      • Delaware (DE): Tenants are required to put electricity in their name. Trash will be in Hudson Homes’ name. Water/Sewer/Gas will be in Hudson Homes’ name and will be billed back; unless you’re in a multiplex (shared meters we pay for the utilities). Tenants must connect or transfer utilities within one (1) business day of the Effective Date of the Lease.
      • Massachusetts (MA): Tenants are required to put gas, electric, and oil/propane utilities in their name. Water and Sewer will be in Hudson Homes’ name and are paid by Hudson Homes – with no additional charges applied to your account. Tenants must connect or transfer utilities within one (1) business day of the Effective Date of the Lease.
      • North Carolina (NC): Tenants are required to transfer all utilities into their name, as outlined in the lease agreement. Tenants must connect or transfer utilities within one (1) business day of the Effective Date of the Lease.