• Hudson Homes partners with Rently to offer a convenient self-touring experience.
  • Find a home on our property listings page or via one of our affiliate sites and click “Enter Property Yourself." Some homes are not available for self-touring, and you’ll need to click “Request Showing” instead.
  • You will be prompted to sign in or register with Rently. All users must register and select a plan from Rently’s options to gain access to the home.
  • After your registration is complete, you will be able to tour the home by viewing the property page, clicking “Self Tour Now," and choosing any of the open house hours that fit your schedule. If self-touring is unavailable, click “Request Showing" and continue to follow the instructions provided. 
  • Upon arrival at the home, obtain a personal lockbox code through text or email.
  • After viewing, turn off all the lights and secure the home by exiting the front door.
  • The Rently keypad will automatically lock. Ensure Rently lock engaged before leaving the premises.
  • For questions, contact Rently support at 888-340-6340.

Please watch this helpful video on How to Self Tour with Rently  

If you have trouble accessing the home via the lockbox:
  • Hold the check-mark down for 30 seconds, wait 2 minutes then enter your code again.
  • If the above doesn’t solve the problem, call the Rently Customer Service number at 888-340-6340, Extension 1 to report it.
  • If the above options don’t solve the problem, call the main Hudson Homes phone number at (877) 565-4669, and follow the prompts for Leasing.
    • If you are able to speak to a representative to reset, we can issue another direct code and/or alternate code.

Please Note: 
• You must use a valid cell phone number.
• No Google voice or pre-paid phones.
• You can pre-register, but you can only receive a code once you are in front of the property.
• You must be using a valid Credit/Debit card attached to a US bank. No pre-paid cards.
• Please also visit the Rently website if you have additional questions: